Chicken and Waffles (vegan style)

Envie is one of my favourite vegan restaurants here in Halifax. They have incredible food and such a cozy and chic atmosphere. Also, they have chick'n and waffles. The brunch of champions. These things are like crack to me, I'm not kidding. Hungover? Chick'n and waffles. Bad day? Chick'n and waffles. Boyfriend acting up? Chick'n and waffles.

The "chicken" is made of crispy battered and fried king oyster mushrooms, and they are served topped with spicy gravy, greens and bleu cheese sauce. 

If you live in Halifax or are just visit I HIGHLY recommend going to Envie (just don't try to go on a Monday because they are closed. I make this mistake pretty much every week.) If you go, snap me pics at livbiermann (on snapchat) or dm me pics on instagram (@livshealthylife). 

Olivia BiermannComment