I Love Plants

Hey guys! Since I am moving to my new apartment in 2 weeks (and am currently in full on redecorating mode) I have been scouring Pinterest for inspo on everything. This includes PLANTS. I posted this photo on Instagram of me looking at some plants yesterday and asked for suggestions on what I should get for the new place.

You guys all had great suggestions and I can't wait to go plant shopping for them all! This got me thinking though that I should really share my plant board on Pinterest with you. There are tons of helpful tips for not killing your plant babies and also some gorgeous photos. I also just realized I have had two Pinterest boards for about a year and never noticed. This one is the one I originally created to share with you all so if you want to, give me a follow and I will be adding to it consistently :). Without further chatting, here is my plant board! I hope you have fun looking through the posts. Plants make me so happy haha!

Olivia Biermann