Crystals and Gelato

Good morning everyone and happy weekend! Today Pav and I ventured out of our new apartment because the sun finally came out after a week of crappy rain and fog. Our new building is in the cutest little area in the North end called the Hydrostone. We knew there was amazing coffee, sushi and pizza around but we didn't realize there was also a crystal shop! We stopped in to Humani-T cafe for coffee and hot chocolate (and drooled over their vegan gelato flavours) and then walked over to Earth Goddess to drool over sparkly things. I picked up a couple moonstone points for my sister and I, as well as a raw rose quartz. Pav got an obsidian, which is a jet black super sharp and glossy stone. I hope everyone has a great weekend. 

I am going to start blogging more about little things I get up to in my daily life. Let me know if you like these kind of posts :)




Olivia Biermann