June/Summer Favourites

Since June is wrapping up and summer is right around the corner (at least here in Canada) I thought I would make a June/summer favourites type of post. I'll break it down into categories. Hopefully this will inspire you to reflect on all the things that make summer memorable for you!


Tater tots: my favourite fries used to be spicy curly fries. Now I have moved on to tater tots. I love cooking them up in a skillet with some veggies and vegan sausage. So good! Perfect for summer brunch eating out on a balcony.

5-Minute pizza: I've made more of these in the past week than I care to admit. But they are so fast and taste so good, I can't help it! Take a tortilla or pita and add some tomato sauce. Then sprinkle on some basil, oregano and vegan cheese. You can also add other toppings if you like. Put it in your oven or toaster oven and bake until the edges start to get a bit crispy. I love to fold it in half and eat it like a quesadilla. It tastes so good! And so easy to make. 

Snow peas and bean sprouts: I started buying these again weekly (why did I ever stop?) and adding them to all my stir fries. They add such good flavour and crunch!


Bandeau/tube top: I was standing out on my balcony the other day wearing a black bandeau and it dawned on me that this is definitely going to be my summer go-to piece. It is super versatile, and can be easily worn to the beach, to lunch with friends, or just around the house with some leggings. 

Patterned bandana/scarf: You can get these pretty much anywhere! Thrift stores usually have cool vintage scarves or bandanas but many stores carry the simple cotton ones as well. I love wearing a red one with my hair down or up in a high ponytail. I also love white and pink for summer! 



Beach: I am fortunate enough to live in a place with a good amount of beaches. I love taking a day trip to the beach with friends to relax, swim and enjoy doing pretty much nothing :). That feeling you get after a day in the sun when your cheeks are pink and your hair is beachy is the best!

Patio: Halifax has a ton of restaurants with patios along the waterfront. I love hitting up a waterfront patio with friends to enjoy a drink and watch all the boats on the harbour.

Dancing: Something about spending the day at the beach always makes me want to go downtown that night to dance! Usually I am super drained and tired after being at the beach all day, but on the rare occasion we do go out, I always have so much fun! 

Painting: I've been taking some sunny afternoons off to paint with my sister. We set up all our stuff on the big kitchen table and the hours fly by while we listen to music, chat and create! I've become super inspired by colours and brush strokes. I never really understood painting or art until I just did it myself. You don't need to be an art student or artist to paint! Anyone can do it. If someone asks you "what is it?" just say: it's abstract! Works every time haha.


Journal: I journal all year-round, but I love writing down all the things I did each day during the summer months. We have such a long, cold winter here that I want to be able to remember everything about summer, so I can look back when I feel nostalgic.


Face Mask: I just got the Oatifix face mask from Lush, which has oatmeal, banana and vanilla (it smells AMAZING as I'm sure you can guess). It is super moisturizing and good for dry or sensitive skin. I love doing a face mask once a week. It's a simple thing but really makes you feel like you are taking some time care for yourself.


6lack: I saw him in concert last month because he opened for The Weeknd. I didn't really know any of his music at the time, but after the concert I had to download some songs! His music is super chill and good for late night drives.

What so Not - Gemini: My sister showed me this song and it is our go-to painting song now. It's so good! Make sure you listen to it turned up nice and loud.

Missy Elliot: I kind of forgot how good Missy Elliot is until last week. For some reason a line from her song Ching a ling got stuck in my head and I had to find it and put it on. Have you watched her music videos? There is so much happening in each one, and so much dancing!! You can see how much thought and effort was put into them. 


There isn't much to say about these memes, they pretty much speak for themselves. These are the ones I appreciated most in June lol.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to leave a comment below telling me your summer or June favourites!

Love you all.

Olivia Biermann