What Inspires Me

I was inspired by Emma from The Messy Heads to show a recent page from my journal. Emma does a series on The Messy Heads blog where she shares snippets from her journals and they never fail to inspire me! The other day I was feeling a bit lost, unsure of what I should do that day (because I had too many things to do with no clear direction or sense of priority). Instead of wasting time scrolling on my phone or feeling paralyzed by indecisiveness, I decided to sit on my yoga mat and write a list of things that inspire me or make me feel warm and fuzzy inside (something I saw in one of Emma's journal excerpt blog posts). It helped inject some inspiration and motivation into my day. Whenever I feel down, or unsure of what to do or which direction to go, I love revisiting these lists. I also included the most recent photos on my phone, which are of things I have been doing recently and things that inspire me (some of which are on the list) for visual inspiration. If you want, leave a comment below sharing some things that inspire you, or make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.