What Balance Looks Like To Me

This is a new series that is part journal entry, part "what I ate today". The foods I eat vary greatly on a day to day basis, and my food choices are very influenced by what I do each day. This gives you a peek into my every day eating habits and what balance looks like for me. 

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this post is not meant to recommend a specific diet, amount of calories or any sort of nutritional counselling. This is merely a look at what I eat on any given day and what works for me.


Wake up. Immediately head to the gym after a glass of water and washing my face.

Super sweaty workout. The kind that makes you feel like a new person because you sweat everything out. The bad and the good. Come back for a stretch and then have a nice warm shower. Hair smells clean but stomach is growling. 

A smoothie for breakfast, with added coconut yogurt to stabilize the blood sugar.

A snack of some jalapeño potato chips at 11 am after filming a video. Work work work.

For lunch, quinoa with yellow Thai curry. A huge handful of spinach that wilts underneath the quinoa. Feeling very full but very satisfied. Work some more.

2 pm. Need to get out of the apartment. Meet up with friends at my parents' house outside the city. Sit on the porch in the heat having a drink and talking about travelling to China. 

Decide its time to cool off. A dip in the lake. Swimming out and treading water for what feels like ages, chatting, laughing and basking the sun and sparkling water. It was cold at first but now the water almost feels too warm. 

Wear a towel like a dress and head to the only fast food place that has veggie burgers. Get a bowl with fries, crumbled burger, salad and guac. Plan to only eat half but end up eating the whole thing and washing it down with iced tea. 

Head down a few floors to our friends' apartment on the opposite side of the building to catch the fiery sunset and lavender skies. 

Sit chatting for hours while the room gets darker and darker. Sipping coffee with almond milk creamer and eating cookies that didn't have enough flour. 

they're too gooey! You can't pick them up!

They taste so good.

A few more glasses of water before bed. Climb into the cool white sheets, feeling tired in the best way and so, so content. 

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I would love for you to share your own "what balance looks like for me" post! Send me an email at contactlivb@gmail.com with your post and some photos. I will publish some here on the blog!

Olivia Biermann