Iced Coffee and Ice Cream

This "what balance means to me" post was written by Sonja. Find her on Instagram at @seifenblasenmaedchen_blog or on her blog.


Waking up at 9 am but falling asleep again. Standing up at 10 am, have a whole grain sandwich with jam and a cup of coffee with almond milk.

Washing my face, doing my makeup and hair and then, go out for a walk... It’s nice and warm outside so I get thirsty after a while. Drinking some lemon and ginger infused water to cool down. 

Then, eat the leftover spinach lasagne from yesterday evening. Chat with my grandparents who called me on the phone for almost an hour.

And, why not bake some vegan chocolate chip cookies for ice cream sandwiches and listen to Lana Del Rey songs? And also, have a glass of iced coffee with the rest of the soy vanilla ice cream... 

In the afternoon, head to the book store around the corner to get some fresh air again and to and buy a book for my grandfather. Another sandwich and some tea for dinner.

In bed, edit the pictures I took today and drink lots and lots of tea. Then, have a face mask and maybe a shower and decide it’s time to sleep. 

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